IMRRA researches threats and vulnerabilities to safe tanker management.

Undertaking vessel Risk Mitigation, Risk Management and KPI Safety Measurements for its customers.

A three-stage vessel safety identification process.

One-Stop Hazard Identification Tool

Protect your assets and commercial reputation by avoiding ‘Red’ safety rated vessels.

On-line vessel safety verification tool

Red, Amber and Green vessel and look-up operator risk ratings. New risk rating reports can be requested and dispatched to you in four-hours.

Predictive vessel safety risk ratings

IMRRA uniquely provides a safety rating of the vessel, and offers a Managers/Operators rating for the entire fleet safety operating performance. Giving you the complete picture for your acceptable risk management strategy.

Poor vessel safety histories

Contribute toward amber and red traffic light warnings. Vessel Risk Ratings Are weighted against a fleet average risk rating so you can manage your commercial risk.

Amber or Red risk ratings?

Due to a change of risk profile: Casualties and Incidents, new Class Society, Manager’s, vessel inspection results, and detentions.

IMRRA saves you time!

Why spend valuable resources to collect the data required to see if the vessel is operated safely? Minimise your time, and risk by employing IMRRA’s expert risk profiles. IMRRA saves you time researching: PSC, USCG, safety inspections, terminal feedback, detentions, Operator risk profile, and casualty history for technical manager.

IMRRA’s Three-stage vessel safety identification process

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