IMRRA Risk Rating Methodology

IMRRA’s Vessel Risk Assessment

Key safety risk factors are identified, assessed, given a numerical weighting:

Statistical Risk Factors

Vessel criteria that does not significantly vary over time, and are associated with longer-term vessel safety performance, and can be based on the following example information:

  • Casualty History & Incidents
  • Classification Society Performance
  • Company Operator Performance
  • Insurance claim history
  • Vessel Particulars

Dynamic Risk

Arises from risk events, their frequency and severity, and include:

  • Crew proficiency
  • Inspection Reports
  • PSC and USCG
  • Safety Inspections & industry databases
  • Self-test audit reports
  • Terminals feedback

Verified Risk Factors

IMRRA’s analytical prediction tool on the ‘Human Factors’ when identifying decline or improvement in vessel management and operation.

  • Verified RA information
  • Vessel Operator Verification audits

View the Data Risk assessed for IMRRA’s vessel risk ratings here IMRRA Assessment Report

For more information on IMRRA’s vessel risk ratings, or data collection techniques, please contact:

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